Ariana (t0xicstarr) wrote in lbhs_gsa,

I wanted to say that this thing fucking rocks. And that I am very excited to start our GSA in Long Beach this year... I think it's about time that our high school got it's act together.

Anyway, this is semi-personal, but not really. The other night I was speaking to my brother's girlfriend online, and she's had "slip ups" where she's said the word gay, in my opinion, inappropriately. I've asked her on several occasions to please not say that word in front of me, and later explained that I was proactive in the gay community, fighting for equality, and that my friends and I had organized a GSA at our highschool. Anyway, she "slipped up" AGAIN, for about the fourth or fifth time, and I was very harsh on her, and ultimately told her that she can either say what she means, (stupid and not gay) or to not speak to me at all. It's that simple. Anyway, because of the way I conducted myself, I upset her, which upset my brother, and eventually upset me. And why? Well I think it comes back to intolerance and sensitivity. Apparently she is less senstive to a subject that i am hypersensitive to. And her intolerance of respecting gays as a whole, wound up my hypersensitivity. Now, i became absolutely intolerant of her intolerance, thus fucking the both of us over. Anyway, lesson to be learned: intolerance cannot be combated with intolerance. And as backwards and difficult as it is, it needs to be treated with patience and kindness. The objective is not to ostracize us proactives from those who do not see eye to eye, the objective is to get other people to see eye to eye with us.

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